2013 - MAINSITE Contemporary Art, Norman, OK

A small former-Soviet state on the Baltic sea, Estonia is not well-known, or well discussed, but it’s international printmaking and film festivals attract the masters of their  crafts. The art there is often funded by the public, and also, more often than not, testing the limits of what is acceptable.

The curation of shows from American artists to Estonia and vice versa hopes to bridge an international dialogue between two similar, yet vastly different, places of Oklahoma and Estonia. The conversation will not end at exhibitions but continue through travel, interactions and exchanges in the future.

EESTI MAESTRID: Estonian Masters and their Students in America

2013- In Graafika Festiva, Pärnu, Estonia

The works represented are meant to show just a fraction, or a slice, of the amazing work being done by American Printmaking Students. Gathered from national printmaking conferences, I sought to select works by a diverse range of artists all over the north american continent.

By taking this overseas to an international printmaking festival in Estonia. I hope to show the world the talent and learned skills present in our artists, and what our new generation of artist is making. THIS is the new frontier of art; I hope these artists will, in the future, be what we show to our students on what we want from art.


2012 - Living Arts Tulsa

Momentum Tulsa is visionary in its ongoing cultivation of a vibrant arts ecology in Oklahoma. Designed to recognize and support artistic excellence and innovation, Momentum Tulsa 2012 introduces new work by 64 emerging artists living and working throughout the region.

The 2012 Spotlight artists -  Samantha Dillehay, Amanda Sawyer, and Libby Williams - were given the opportunity to develop new work over a period of four months with financial support and the guidance and mentoring of a curatorial team.

While the Survey exhibition reveals the region's authentic wealth of emerging talent, vision, and skill, the Spotlight exhibitions celebrate the incredible potential of individual artists realizing their ambition and goals in the context of a supportive and connective art community. It was important to us, as the exhibitions' curators, to discover the region's emerging talents as we also considered a broader national conversation about current contemporary art practice.

-Raechell Smith & Laura Reese Tulsa Momentum 2012 Curators


2014 - Individual Artists of Oklahoma

Since first approved and funded by voters in 1993, the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS), Oklahoma City’s visionary capital improvement program for new and upgraded sports, recreation, entertainment, has allowed citizens to invest in their city to improve the quality of life through a debt-free program. In MAPPING CHANGE, six artists expand upon their own interactions with OKC and the impact of MAPS.  

Through these projects, the artists become an example of the very process they review, in which people, through artistic expression, add social capital to their community. They invite us to see a future in which the continued public support for such projects, by deepening our sense of community, can enhance our city’s growth, both economically and culturally.

Artists: Tommy Ball, Grace Grothaus, Richard McKown, Hugh Meade, Todd Stewart, Kristen Vails


2014 - START Norman

Threshold: the promised land explores the Lumber Yard space as a site for transformation.  The artists have created work that examines themes around building and construction, natural for a lumberyard, which also reminds us of our future potential.

What blossomed most boldly within the core of each installation is the importance of “home” and how we set roots wherever we live long enough to do so. In the early

years of the city’s second century, the artists join Norman’s citizens as we express the vibrancy of our community and to celebrate the diversity that makes it an amazing place to live.

Threshold, as the visual arts component of the StART Project, has been a way to give artists the space and tools to inspire our community, create change, and imagine a new promised land for us to live in.

-heather ahtone & Laura Reese, curators

Artists: Marwin Begaye, Eyakem Gulilat, Heather Clark Hilliard, Alexandra Knox, Erin Latham, Cedar Marie, Leigh Martin, Ellen Moershel, and Michael Wilson, all from Norman;  Joseph Erb, Tulsa; Sarah Hearn  and The Wriders, Oklahoma City; and C. Maxx Stevens

threshold: the promised land

2014 - MAINSITE Contemporary Art, Norman, OK

Currently, local, and perhaps even national, attitudes within the arts remain skeptical towards new artistic media (such as apps, web-based art, or digital interactive art), as some of those who work in traditional media might view rapid shifts in technology as an existential threat to their art form.

Some artists, navigating between “new aesthetic”, digital programs and traditional styles and technologies, defy these classifications.

Their work exists in the space between traditional and innovative; ironic and sincere.

Our lives now can be altered by a keystroke, hastening the merger of the “real” and “virtual”.

This is a show by artists working on these frontiers of technology and ideas.

Experimental and visceral as well as established and detached, these works are harbingers of the surreal world we may inhabit--ready or not--as technology continues its relentless march.

Artists: Jessica Ann, Brian Dunn, M Paul Kirby, Grace Grothaus Grimm, Allin KHG, K Edward van Osdol, Dillon Votaw, Raymond Weilacher, Stuart Whitis


Nov. 2015- Jan. 2016 - IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK

Words help qualify our existence, and written language, though not universal, shapes our design, culture and economy. Text in art has been used to clarify pictures, denote craftsmanship and signify importance, on plaques, markers and milestones. Text has also been central in conceptual art as text can be used as a vehicle to help boil down ideas to their simplest forms and shapes.

These six Oklahoma artists use text in their work to convey personal and universal narratives to divulge important, discrete secrets. Text becomes a way to obscure and reveal simultaneously as each artist uses a variety of media to transcend the personal. These artists are all diverse, but a common theme emerges: the grappling with identity and personal secrets in an age of ubiquitous information.

Artists: Samantha Dillehay, Ryan Harris, Zachary Presley, Laura Reese, Katy Seals, Kerri Shadid

Oklahoma Gazette
The Oklahoman

PASSWORDS: secrets in text

2015 - Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

A reiteration of the 2014 exhibition in Norman, GLITCH/ANALOGOUS further investigates the hybridity of the digital and physical worlds. As haptic technological devices enter our daily lives, the boundaries between the analog realm and the cyber world become blurred.
Seven artists explore life with technology. In the work of Jessica Ann, 3D printed manifestations on time reveal that our future is, perhaps, looking more and more like “shit.” Artists like Brian Dunn and Dillon Votaw draw upon the collective conscious of the internet to draw connections in the real world. Julianne Clark and Grace Grothaus Grimm both explore how backlit screens affect our lives and explore the effects on the natural. Whereas Aaron Robinson and Daniel Sutliff use technology to create more psychedelic visualization. Using the building blocks of technology, data and pixels, with the digital and plastic surfaces, they create abstract interpretations of the world around them.

Artists: Jessica Ann, Julianne Clark, Brian Dunn, Grace Grothaus Grimm, Aaron Robinson, Daniel Sutliff, Dillon Votaw

The Red Dirt Report


February 2016- March 2016 - MAINSITE Contemporary Art, Norman, OK

As a part of the Oklahoma Art Writing Curatorial Fellowship, TOPICAL BREACH is one of three exhibitions curated by fellows in the program.

an awkward pause, a broken fourth wall, a pun gone wrong.

Topical Breach investigates identity through play, documentation, and intimacy. The results in the form of videos, performances, and installations are awkward and clever, sincere and ironic, clumsy and refined.

Artists include: Creighton Baxter, Tahlia Ball, Hope Esser, Kara Hearn, Molly O’Connor

TOPICAL BREACH: sun, sand, self

May 2017 through 2019, touring statewide:
Artspace at Untitled, Oklahoma City, May 19-June 10
Ponca City Arts Center, June 2017

Leslie Powell Foundation, Lawton; March 2018

Goddard Art Center, Ardmore; Summer 2018

Resonator, Norman

Artists of the Arbuckles' Jean Carr Gallery, Sulphur
Graceful Arts Gallery, Alva

This touring exhibition is a year long project for the Oklahoma Printmaking Network, a group formed to connect printmakers statewide. 25 printmakers each made prints for an exchange portfolio, and received 12 of their peers works as part of the exchange. 3 complete portfolios of the prints will be toured throughout Oklahoma, and will then be archived in print collections. 

Oklahoma Printmaking Network Exchange