RE: Season 10 Audition (FtM Plz Consider)


copyright laurence myers reese, 2017

laurence myers reese, artist

Norman, Oklahoma

“RE:...” is a major endeavor: the creation of an audition tape for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, and a documentary about the process. This was commissioned by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition for Momentum Ada, a  a festival of film and new media in Ada, OK, with keynote speaker John Waters. This project is as much sincere enthusiasm for drag culture and the queer community, as it is critical lens of trans identity and inclusion in popular culture.

My performance persona “Marlene Schiedich” is a tranimal, genderfuck, drag terrorist. On the fringes of society, Schiedich is inspired by her idols from eras gone by. 

High camp, mid-western, low class. This slutty hipster drag queen serves “grandmother’s sitting room from 1992” realness. With a razor-sharp wit, Marlene is ready to slay the world with hilarious impersonations, decent singing, surprisingly competent dancing, and very questionable fashion choices. Hide your grand-dads and grab your drinks, she is one thirsty queen.

Follow Marlene’s drag “herstory” here:

Insta: @MarleneSchiedich
Twitter: @MSchiedich