gender reveal



Wednesday July 20, 2016, 6-8pm, McKinley Park OKC

It’s a gender reveal party! Laur is celebrating 1 year on T, a “tranniversary”** if you will. Come celebrate gender with a traditional, heteronormative gender reveal party. This is a family friendly birthday-esque adventure in performance practice. We’ll cut a cake, open a box full of balloons, provide fun party favors, and have party games. For the exciting gender reveal festivities, be there by 6:30. Stay and mingle! There will be animal crackers, punch, and light snacks. Bring something you don’t mind getting wet in if you want to play in the splash pad. It is a community park, so let’s enjoy the amenities and have fun. Adult after-party at an area pub (TBD).

**This is not permission to use a derogatory slur towards transgender people.